Deceased RSA Holder Beneficiary

The employer or Next-of-Kin or the representative of the deceased shall notify any Radix Pension Managers offices of the death of the employee/retiree.  Download Death Notification Form for Radix Pension Managers

Note: Beneficiaries of Deceased RSA holders with zero balances are expected to fill the Death Notification Form from PenCom and send to the last known employer of the deceased. The Managing Director (or any qualified person) is expected to fill and forward the form to PenCom for the processing of the deceased’s benefits.

Benefits Accessible

The Next-of-Kin of the deceased shall upon confirmation be entitled to the balance in the account of the deceased.

Requirements to be fulfilled by the Next-of-Kin

The Next-of-Kin shall provide a satisfactory means of identification such as current International Traveling Passport, National Identity Card or letter of confirmation of identity from his/her bank or a Notary Public.

Upon confirmation, Radix Pension Managers will demand a combination of any of items (ii) – (vii) below, which shall serve as adequate evidence of the death of the employee/retiree, while item (viii) is optional:

i. Letter of Administration or Will admitted to Probate

ii. Certificate of Death/Cause of Death

iii. Certificate of Registration of Death

iv. Police Report (if death is by accident)

v. Burial Warrant issued by a Local Government Council

vi. Evidence of Death/Burial issued by an Islamic Community Head or Judge of a Sharia Court.

vii. Evidence of Death/Burial issued by a Leader of a registered church.

viii. Copy of obituary poster (if any)

We, Radix Pension Managers, will confirm the validity of the Letter of Administration or Will admitted to Probate and sight the originals of other documents