The National Pension Commission (PENCOM) recently released a new working guide on CFI and the main objective of the Data Recapture Exercise is to obtain complete and accurate data of all RSA holders (both active and retired) in line with the provisions of Section 23(e) of the PRA 2014. • The Exercise will further enable PFAs to obtain the National Identity Numbers (NIN) of their RSA holders to ensure compliance with NlMC’s minimum biodata requirements and the use of NIN as a unique identifier for all Nigerians. • It would provide a platform for the collation of relevant information on employees of Federal and State Government Treasury Funded MDAs who transited from the erstwhile DB Scheme to the CPS. The information would facilitate the expeditious computation of their accrued rights and eliminate the need for yearly enrolment of those due for retirement. • It would enable the identification and elimination of multiple registrations from the RSA Registration Database. The Exercise would ensure that all PFAs comply with the minimum standards and requirements set by the Commission for the registration of contributors i.e. retrieve all supporting documents for registration