Missing Person Beneficiary

The employer and/or Next-of-Kin shall notify any Radix Pension Managers Office of the death of the employee/retiree or the disappearance of the employee/retiree. Such notification shall be after a minimum period of 12 months following the disappearance of the missing person. Download Dead/Missing Persons Notification Form

Benefits Accessible

This will depend on the decision of the Board of Inquiry conveyed by the Commission.

Requirements to be fulfilled by the Next-of-Kin

The Next-of-Kin shall provide a satisfactory means of identification such as

  • Current International Traveling Passport,
  • National Identity Card or
  • Letter of confirmation of identity from his/her bank or Notary Public.

Upon confirmation, Radix Pension Managers will demand following documents for processing of payment of the Missing person Benefits

  1. A Police Report confirming that the person has been missing with effect from the reported date, the circumstances of the disappearance and that the person has not been found after 12 months.
  2. Letter of confirmation of disappearance from the employer (if in active employment at the time of disappearance) also bearing the passport photograph of the missing person.
  3. Newspaper publication announcing the disappearance of the person.
  4. Birth certificate or sworn declaration of the age of the missing person
  5. Two (2) passport photographs of the missing person
  6. Letter of Administration or Will admitted to probate
  7. Means of identification of the Next of Kin. Current International Traveling Passport, National Identity Card, Driver’s License or a letter of confirmation of identity from his/her bank or a Notary Public.
  8. Banker’s Confirmation of Bank Account of Next of Kin
  9. Dead/Missing Person Notification Form