Retirement on Medical Grounds

Retirement on medical grounds shall be when an employee disengages from active service

  1. Based on the advice of a suitably qualified physician or Medical Board certifying that the employee is no longer mentally or physically capable of carrying out the functions of his/her office.
  2. Due to total or permanent disability either of mind or body.

An employee retiring on medical grounds or his/her representative or the employer shall be requested to provide the original copies of the following documents:

  1. A medical certificate issued by a properly constituted Medical Board or a suitably qualified physician; (The Commission shall advise operators in this regard after due consultation with the Medical Association of Nigeria).
  2. The letter of notification of retirement issued by the employer also authenticating the medical certificate;
  3. Payslip or evidence of total annual remuneration.
  4. Evidence of any accrued pension rights/acknowledgment of indebtedness (if an employee in the private sector).

In line with the Pension Regulation, the retiree may re-enter the Scheme if he/she obtains a medical certification of fitness from a properly constituted Medical Board or a suitably qualified physician and upon securing employment. Such re-entry automatically ends the withdrawal option and empowers the employee to resume contributions into the RSA.